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contoh percakapan bahasa inggris

contoh percakapan antara 2 orang

Della : Hi Ismi, how are you ?
Ismi  : Hi Della, i am fine, thank you. and how about you ?
Della : I am fine too thank you. by the way, what is you hobby ismi ?
Ismi  : My hobby is collecting the stamps.
Della : Why do you like it ?
Ismi  : because i like to see the unique's picture of the stamps. and how about you ? what is your hobby ?
Della : I like to read comic, especially doraemon.
Ismi : Do you have all of doraemon's collection ?
Della : yes i do. How about your stamps collection ?
Ismi : So far i have collect the stamps from some countries.
Della : Do you need much money for you hobby ?
Ismi : yes i do. but i like to do it.
Della : Wow. your hobby is expensive.
Ismi : Yeah , i think like that.
Della : oh, i am sorry ismi. maybe i must go now. Good luck with your hobby.
Ismi : oke Della, no problem. See you next time
Della : see you ismi

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